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11.12.2016 - Comments Off on OpenToll – project we forgot to tell you about (Journal No. 6)

OpenToll – project we forgot to tell you about (Journal No. 6)

It's really not just for toll payments

For the past three months, we’ve been doing a lot of things in parallel and we failed in some of them. Regular communication with everyone outside our core team being the first obvious one. Not a complete failure but it’s hard to be satisfied when we are running about one month behind real things. For example, you have no idea that we started supporting our very first project about a month ago, that is very exciting to say the least. We took it to Berlin Tech Startup Fair to find new team members and accelerate product development and sales. We believe that for this product, Berlin is a great fit as the base for the team.

The project is called OpenToll and it’s a platform for upcoming smart-cars & smart-cities era.

OpenToll will automate all payments your car needs to make.

Now it’s You doing everything for your car - buying highway stickers, looking for points of sale for green stickers, registering for congestion charges or looking for cash to feed parking meters and imagine how these troubles or little annoyances multiply when you travel abroad, or worse when you travel across several countries. Given technologies available inside your car, it’s completely feasible to let the car do it all on your behalf. It’s not only possible but it would be sooooo much more convenient and driver or passenger friendly.

OpenToll is the platform which we are building to improve user experience as a driver. We also believe that such a platform is painfully needed, to allow for real usage based charging and smooth transition from your own cars to pool cars and later to autonomous vehicles.

We are aware that there’s a lot of political interests involved and we don’t plan to take anyone's job. Our aim is to provide everyone with easier, more convenient and a cheaper way of realizing and administering these payments Europe wide. We are all drivers or passengers after all. Let’s make our lives easier.

Our goal at OpenToll is to provide a platform to completely automate toll payments, congestion charges, ecology taxes and other car usage related payments.
No more stickers, no more searching for point-of-sale.

If you feel inspired and want to help this project to become a global force, reach our at "join (at)” and if you just feel interested in knowing more...sign-up for occasional project updates at

It's projects like this one which will help us Make Europe Great Again! Will You Sign-In?


3.12.2016 - Comments Off on How was Autumn Tech Startup Fair in Berlin? (Journal No. 5)

How was Autumn Tech Startup Fair in Berlin? (Journal No. 5)

Berlin is always good idea

Truth to be told, Berlin has been amazing to visit for the past ten years - if for fun or for Startup Fair. It’s the reason why we’ve chosen it as one of our three base camps (London - Berlin - Prague). It’s also no surprise that we were not disappointed with our last week’s visit.

hDock42 stand at Tech Startup Fair 2016 in Berlin at WeWork Sony Center locationIt was our last reunion this year and we brought our whole team and some guests to Berlin (except a colleague who just had a newborn the day before). We spent a day in a planning session for 2017. We used hospitality of new WeWork offices at Hackerscher Markt - simply cool and efficient. The evening we spent at Tech Startup Fair at Sony Center meeting people, making new friends and collecting CVs and the next day, Friday, some of us joined a group at Corrective to gain some insight into investigative journalism (you may think it’s not relevant but wait for it…)

Tech Meetups don't disappoint

We send our great thanks to the team at Tech Meetups. They did a great job of organizing and prepping everyone for the event - us, as exhibitors, as well as visitors - the young talented folks looking for new opportunities.

We all agreed that the talent we met in Berlin was amazing and connections still keep rolling in - THANK YOU ALL! What surprised us most positively was the diversity of talent in terms of nationalities and backgrounds. Berlin - ten points there.

On the other hand we’ve met less technical talent than we expected. Unfortunately, it happens to be usual observation anywhere we go. Our friends from the headhunting business tend to say it’s because strong tech talent does not go anywhere to look for opportunities, opportunities hunt them down without any effort on their part. Probably true and we see another great opportunity in this for Europe and we shall do something about it next year. Berlin - five points there.hDock42 Team in Berlin at Tech Startup Fair 2016 - rollups

But enough talking. We hope to have a small team based in Berlin very soon, working on cool projects. So for now enjoy some visuals...

Enjoy the Storify prepared by Tech Meetups team you'll find a few pretty good pictures there.

Or you can check out a few of our own pictures on our Instagram feed.

See you soon!

hD42 Team