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2018 Global Pitch by DealMatrix – Evaluations done! (Journal #9)

Let’s start with some facts; You’ve probably never heard of Global Pitch and you’ve probably never heard of DealMatrix. In the world of thousands of startup competitions and festivals, hundreds of scouting and innovation platforms and hard to guess a number of startups and investors chasing them, it is impossible to know them all.

Let us say only this, DealMatrix is one of those SaaS cloud-based “innovation scouting and scoring” platforms which allow you to receive, store and score pitches and innovation proposals in a collaborative manner. It was borne in Europe, precisely in Austria and that makes them more unique and closer to our hearts. They also have some nice features like flexible scoring and collaboration but that's for them to tell you 🙂

So, why we support their efforts with hours and hours of our time? It is because we have respect for the courage. What team at DealMatrix decided to do to create their adoption breakthrough (they were not the first SaaS for innovation scouting) and to push the brand forward was cool and courageous! They decided to partner with different startup festivals (like 4YFN [] - where we’ve met them) but also, they decided to create their own Global Pitch competition for startups. They are cloud platform, not chained to any location and so we believe that “global” approach was a great bet which will pay off. It was certainly a lot of work but....

The first ever Global Pitch competition with over 100 startups from all over the world was in 2017. Our very own Petr Palan was part of the inaugural global jury.

Now, in 2018, we’re celebrating the second run and Petr has just finished evaluating over 40 startup pitches and business models in two categories of our interest - Our Body and Our Cities. If you know us you may remember we have invested in projects related to transportation and cities (read about them here) and he's a lot into preventive fitness, wellness, and well-being as a replacement for reactive pharmaceuticals.

If you are interested to find out who the winners of 2018 are - just tune in to Global Pitch webpage ( after December 13th and you should be able to see the winners in each category there. Hopefully with hyperlinks to their website and social media presence 😉

And if you like the concept, spread the word or participate and send your pitch for the next year!

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How was Autumn Tech Startup Fair in Berlin? (Journal No. 5)

Berlin is always good idea

Truth to be told, Berlin has been amazing to visit for the past ten years - if for fun or for Startup Fair. It’s the reason why we’ve chosen it as one of our three base camps (London - Berlin - Prague). It’s also no surprise that we were not disappointed with our last week’s visit.

hDock42 stand at Tech Startup Fair 2016 in Berlin at WeWork Sony Center locationIt was our last reunion this year and we brought our whole team and some guests to Berlin (except a colleague who just had a newborn the day before). We spent a day in a planning session for 2017. We used hospitality of new WeWork offices at Hackerscher Markt - simply cool and efficient. The evening we spent at Tech Startup Fair at Sony Center meeting people, making new friends and collecting CVs and the next day, Friday, some of us joined a group at Corrective to gain some insight into investigative journalism (you may think it’s not relevant but wait for it…)

Tech Meetups don't disappoint

We send our great thanks to the team at Tech Meetups. They did a great job of organizing and prepping everyone for the event - us, as exhibitors, as well as visitors - the young talented folks looking for new opportunities.

We all agreed that the talent we met in Berlin was amazing and connections still keep rolling in - THANK YOU ALL! What surprised us most positively was the diversity of talent in terms of nationalities and backgrounds. Berlin - ten points there.

On the other hand we’ve met less technical talent than we expected. Unfortunately, it happens to be usual observation anywhere we go. Our friends from the headhunting business tend to say it’s because strong tech talent does not go anywhere to look for opportunities, opportunities hunt them down without any effort on their part. Probably true and we see another great opportunity in this for Europe and we shall do something about it next year. Berlin - five points there.hDock42 Team in Berlin at Tech Startup Fair 2016 - rollups

But enough talking. We hope to have a small team based in Berlin very soon, working on cool projects. So for now enjoy some visuals...

Enjoy the Storify prepared by Tech Meetups team you'll find a few pretty good pictures there.

Or you can check out a few of our own pictures on our Instagram feed.

See you soon!

hD42 Team


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Let’s Go – Tech Startup Fair Berlin Is Calling (Journal No. 4)

We Are Going Berlin

All of us have visited our share of startup, tech and innovation focused events and there’re always some I myself am looking forward to; be it Pioneers in Vienna, EmTech in Boston, Future Fest in London, or Mind the Product (London or SF) because they are constantly getting better and better.

There are still many I’ve heard about being great and I have them on my To-Visit list. Next week I am going to tick one of those off with my colleagues in Berlin.

It has been several times I’ve heard that produce great events with energy across different geographic locations. Always wanted to go but it usually turned out that I was at different continent when things happened.

Anyway we finally made it and our planning allowed almost the whole team of hDock42 to gather next week in Berlin during Thursday and Friday and one of the things we will do is to visit Tech Startup Fair Berlin (Autumn 2016) at WeWork location at Sonny Center. Gorgeous location if you happen to know it there and if not, why don’t you come and say Hi!

It's an evening event, so you don't need free your schedule for a day or two. We will be there enjoying the energy, looking for inspiration, partners and supporters. We’ll also have a little stand as we are looking for new team members for ourselves and for one of our projects called OpenToll — car payments for this century.

If you want to know more about positions we have open, please visit our JOIN US pages.

See you in Berlin,