It's here - we are hiring!

We are at the starting line again and we need more hands and heads to move the needle!

We are looking for colleagues for our first ever product discovery team which will form hDock42 Lab and for our global social media team. You’ll be among the first 10 people in the company who will change how the world sees Europe in terms of commercially successful startups.

If you are into technology, design, social media, communities and you love building products for people and not for technology sake, and you are not afraid of global challenges (and global success) then we want You! Help us build Europe's next global success(es) from the ground up.

Fun and challenges everywhere! It will be a lot of fast paced discovery work at first. We have a backlog of ideas and pilot projects. We also have a lot of people who need help with defining their product, not to burn money and engineering time on stupid shit.

And here is the best part, if you can’t work full time right now but have the experience and passion, reach out. We have internships, fellowships, mentoring positions to fill and you can still be e.g. a great mom or passionate professor but work on cool stuff.

Also many times it feels like people are just afraid, so if you are a student, female, male, young, experienced or just starting again, from Prague, Berlin, London or any other part of Europe just reach out! Nothing is given upfront.

Honest disclaimer:
These are all hands-on roles. We are not cozy corporation where you deliver results by quarter. We want results in day(s), max, week(s), but we also have that much fun doing what we love that we simply can't wait where do You fit?

Product - Design - Technology - Media