Interaction Designer : Design is the first class activity...

We believe design and user experience (UX) are at the forefront of every successful product. It’s your job to envision how people experience the product and bring that vision to life in a way that feels refined and magical. You won’t do this alone, as you collaborate closely with Engineer(s) and Product Manager(s) throughout the discovery and delivery process—from crafting user flows and wireframes to building user interface mockups and prototypes, while validating everything with real users.

It’s clear you have to love working with users and on their behalf; you understand that Balsamiq & paper sketches are for the team and not for users or stakeholders; you love high-fidelity prototypes and you enjoy defining and preparing users for your team to talk to. You don’t work without data and you are an active community member on global scale.

We’ll get you everything you need, plus freedom in your work, mentoring from top class colleagues, a chance to grow and discover your own potential and the possibility to enjoy the upside of growing startup(s).

Ambition counts...

Here is the cool part :

  • if you are young and all the above is your ambition, but you're not there yet - we may consider giving you a chance to grow into the role, so reach out!
  • if you can’t work full time right now but have the experience and passion, reach out. We have mentoring positions to fill and you can still be e.g. a great mom or passionate professor.
  • if you are female, male, young, experienced or just starting, from Prague, Berlin or any other part of Europe just reach out!
  • Now comes the time to send us URLs to your online portfolio in addition to short (really short!) resume. Please show us that the world already loves you.

Get in touch : join (at)

Honest disclaimer:
These are all hands-on roles. We are not cozy corporation where you deliver results by quarter. We want results in day(s), max, week(s), but we also have that much fun doing what we love that we simply can't wait where do You fit?

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