Tech Lead : Loves to code, but still human...

You are one of those rare creatures who sweats technology but is still cool to talk to. You know how to lead a small team of engineers while communicating in non-dev-lingo with clients/users and other non-engineering team members.

You don’t use buzzwords like parallel development, technical debt, scalability or maintainability to scare people at the party; it’s just everyday work for you. You're not scared of scripting or objects and you love using technology to make lives better.

You understand...

You know how to use AWS, Azure, or Bluemix to quickly hack together a back-end for web tool or mobile app. If we say Ruby, Docker, Ajax, Silverlight, React, Facebook platform, iOS or Android, you are pro in some and for the rest, you at least understand how to use them and what they are good for.

If anything new appears on the tech front, you go and quickly learn it to understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and limitations. You also validate possibilities and how to apply it in your everyday work.

Simply put, we are looking for a great, cool colleague who won’t be afraid to be responsible for technical guidance and technical solutions within our discovery team. Will work day-to-day with product manager(s), designer(s), other engineers and clients / customers to discover feasible solutions to defined problems. We want you to grow with us.

Don't forget to include some links to online love you are receiving from your fellows at GitHub, StackOverflow, CodeRanch or Quora...

And don't forget, if you can’t work full time right now but have the experience and passion, reach out. We have mentoring positions to fill and you can still be e.g. a great mom or passionate professor.
Also many times it feels like people are just afraid, so if you are female, male, young, experienced or just starting, from Prague, Berlin or any other part of Europe just reach out! Nothing is given upfront.

We hope to hear from you soon! Get in touch : join (at)

Honest disclaimer:
These are all hands-on roles. We are not cozy corporation where you deliver results by quarter. We want results in day(s), max, week(s), but we also have that much fun doing what we love that we simply can't wait where do You fit?

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