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Why Do We Do hD42 — Why To Start Again (Journal No. 1)


Short answer; we think some things are broken and we have a vision how to fix them. The vision is grandeur and yet so simple; We want to Make Europe Great Again! and we believe many of you do want the same thing.

Europe has history of entrepreneurial and research talent with global impact. Let’s just remember names like Tesla, Skoda, Einstein, Marie Curie, Bata, or more recent Tim Berners-Lee, Vichterle or Roman Stanek….great innovators with global impact.

But over the past decade or two Europe has been slowly losing its entrepreneurial spirit and almost resigned on global commercialization of it’s great research and ideas. Just go to any entrepreneurial event and listen to young people pitching their business ideas  —  just a few can use university know-how to create spin-offs, almost nobody thinks about going global first, very few think directly about crossing borders, hence almost non-existent startup unicorns, broken IPO market and overall relevance of high-tech companies based in Europe for global technology landscape. And if someone makes it through this, they sell to the first good looking bidder.

This is not acceptable for us! We want Europe to be again great place to innovate, start business, build global business and live. All that not only today but 50 or 100 years from now.

Our mission is to unlock commercial potential of European innovation so our kids would not feel it’s necessary to leave for Silicon Valley in case they want to successfully develop global idea. They can but it should not be a must. Europe shall not become place of only interesting history, old architecture and marginal innovation.

We cannot do it alone but we can catalyze the process and join forces with you! That’s why we are putting all of our previous business experience & successes on the starting line and we are establishing hDock42 as “a European launchpad for hot ideas which need safe Dock to grow and develop”. We call it launchpad because we see hDock42 more as an open platform to support above mentioned goals and vision, rather than just our company. It’s not just about our projects, our companies, our funding — it’s about uniting Europe wide ecosystem, about crossing boundaries, industries and areas of expertise.

As we just said, we will not do this alone. We will partner with You and other like-minded people, companies and institutions; count in research institutes, universities, startup accelerators, incubators, innovation communities, technology groups, public institutions and anyone who is willing to help us knock down barriers which prevent innovators and entrepreneurs from thinking and expanding globally. Let’s Make Europe Great Again!

Our ultimate goal is to make Europe net exporter of commercial successes. Global commercial success of European entrepreneurs and research means more capital and skills flows back into innovation projects, R&D and commercialization within Europe and that will be the moment when the innovation loop will start growing fueled by it’s own energy….

That’s when we will say; “Mission Accomplished” 🙂


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