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Why We Say “Platform For Open Ideas” (Journal No. 2)

We mentioned it before, we want hDock42 to become a catalyst helping to Make Europe Great Again! We also said we can’t do this alone so it appears that naturally hD42 must become a platform for generating, connecting and attracting :
  • crazy and bold ideas;
  • smart & active people;
  • open minded and active institutions or companies;

We mention “crazy ideas” intentionally because only those provide a path from promising R&D to projects with moonshot potential (yes, we stole this one from Google’s terminology).

New products need to be driven by imagination and not by user-group research.

We also mention “smart & active people” intentionally; there’s such a disconnect between time and place where ideas / people / business knowledge / technical knowledge sit.

There are many bright minds with great ideas in Europe, but how to take them into global business world? Vice-versa; there are many skilled folks who are looking for interesting ideas to work on because they feel they don’t have a breakthrough idea themselves. And if you combine both, then even better!

Whatever situation you find yourself at there’s a compelling reason to create place for open ideas sharing. Nothing re-creates the culture of joint success like open ideas sharing. Isn’t it ideal when people happily support someone else working on their idea rather than sitting on it and doing nothing! Of course, we are willing to chip in with our ideas first, no worries.

We want researchers talking to business people about spinning off their research projects, we want “to-be entrepreneurs” openly sharing their ideas and thinking so others can provide feedback and chip-in ideas, we want startups treating growth and profits as equal, we want profitable projects to think global expansion.

We want all of us to realize that it’s not about breakthrough idea from the lab, brainstorming session or from a shower. It’s not about your experience, it’s not even about funding — it’s first and foremost about finding out what your “product market fit” looks like and that fit must be global from the start! It’s about thinking global business from day one and having balls to push through to global success.

We are absolute believers that open sharing of ideas will bring in active people and will lead to natural formation of interest groups and successful teams adopting new ideas as their own and hopefully making them happen on global scale. By the way that’s what makes Silicon Valley so vibrant and cool place to be in.


We are here to support such teams in “product market fit” validation and helping them find “smart financing” for global growth. Will you join us?

As we mentioned before, we wouldn’t want to and we can’t do this alone! Do any of these ideas resonate with you, want to join us or become our supporter (no worries, not asking for money here)?

Reach out to us (email, social networks, personal meeting…), help spread the word towards parties which might be interested in making Europe a business powerhouse again — individuals, communities, academic institutions, research institutes, corporations, public institutions and others.

And let’s get to work!


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