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Going more hardware – first really physical project we’ve invested in (Journal No.7)

Today’s note is not a new thing for anyone who’s been around hDock42 from the start about two years ago. Yes, we've been around for almost two years and we are still trying to find our spot in the sun 🙂

The fact that we’re working is nicely illustrated by our projects which have their ups and downs. And that means they are pushing through and learning and we’re (hopefully) learning with them.

Today’s note is the first disclosure that we like hardware too! Not just computer hardware which is btw Petr’s thing - little tech toys, wearable gadgets, IoT devices, etc. Like aerospace stuff…

Another partner of ours, Michal, likes to fly airplanes. Not just small ones but also big ones, like B-737 ones.

We can’t buy Boeing just yet, but some time ago Michal liked the idea of a small team of industry veterans to transfer and upgrade a production of a small utility plane from the former Soviet Union to the Czech Republic. Such step would be a great start for further upgrades and for expansion into new product lines (understand - bigger planes) and this market is generally supply driven with long waitlists which means there's room to grow! The team behind OrbisAvia is living and breathing aviation and aerospace so we thought, let’s help them to get this thing off the ground.

We thought it would mean mainly helping them to organize their sales process efficiently, support their international sales and getting them ready and structured for future fundraising. They would need to do only one thing at first….guess what… sell, sell and sell.

And so we did invest and embarked on a journey with them to transform their hotch-potch operations of a group of enthusiasts to investable and stable airplane production site with future possibilities for growth and expansion.

What do you say, you like the first look of Praga Alfa? Praga Alfa airplane from Orbis Avia

Go check out a few of our own pictures on our Instagram feed and see you soon back here!

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